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Workforce more 'aimless' because of pandemic

A recent article in HR Director reported research findings from Randstad UK. More than two in every five workers told the recruiter Randstad that the pandemic had left them feeling ‘aimless’ while more than a quarter of employees said the pandemic had left them unable to concentrate properly. A third described how the pandemic had sapped their motivation.

When asked about their sense of purpose and direction, 42 percent said the pandemic had left them feeling ‘aimless’. Just under half (46 per cent) reported no change in their sense of purpose – while an eighth (12 percent) said they had been feeling less aimless since the start of the pandemic. A third (33 per cent) of workers reported the pandemic had dulled their motivation.

The Randstad research identifies that there could be a serious issue for SOME of the workforce. As an employer you want to know who they are so that you can support them before it becomes a crisis. The problem is that you don’t know who they are, surveys sent out by the HR department may not be answered truthfully, and if it’s truly anonymous it won’t help.

Changes in motivation will have an impact on productivity and absence. HR Clarity enables you to spot these trends, and identify which departments, locations there are significant changes. It doesn’t require a survey, as its data that is already being collected but not intelligently analysed and reported on.

Spotting these trends can alert the relevant team leaders and department heads to reach out to their team, and help provide support. Team leaders/ line managers are more trusted than senior management team and HR. Those that need support are much more likely to reach out and get the support they need, especially if their line manager/ team leader is offering it. This will demonstrate that the line manager (organisation) cares. Employees are less likely to be looking for another job if they feel cared for.

HR Clarity can spot emerging issues and avert a crisis.

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Me gusta

This is very interesting and relevant. It would be great to see my employer take a more advanced approach to improving motivation, rather than the standard corporate offering.

Me gusta
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