We are passionate about using data, AI & ML, to make better people decisions

HRClarity.AI is software that sits on top of your other systems, pulling all employee related data into a Single Employee View™. It uses AI and ML to create employee segmentation and predictive employee behaviourial models, that are essential to develop a robust data-driven people strategy.

It models the impact of different people decisions and create "what-if" scenarios to provide a list of prioritised actions that will have the greatest bottom line impact. This greatly speeds up the process of reaching consensus on people decisions across the organisation.  

HRClarity.AI can identify which line managers need addtional support to be better at talent, performance and D&I management. 

It is invaluable for people due diligence, people strategy and/or to create high performance teams.

The Single Employee View

An Employee Data Platform

An employee data platform and Single Employee View™ could transform people management in your organisation, by providing leaders data-driven and evidence-based facts leading to quicker and more effective people decisions. 

It  provides objective data that allows data based “adult” to “adult” conversations with team leaders and members. This results in a healthier and more mature work environment, where the employer primarily acts as an enabler/coach empowering their people to take responsibility for their actions and development.

What if?

You had data driven insights and predictive models that assess current effectiveness and provide recommendations for your management team to improve talent, performance, total reward and absence management.


1. Talent Management 

Identify and retain "Rising Stars" and  manage out "Pretenders".

2. Performance Management

Track and benchmark manager's team performance over time versus other teams/ departments/ locations to identify and implement best practice.

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3. Total Reward Management

Reduce non-salary spend such as pension contributions, cash bonuses, training, share options whilst optimising retention, performance, absence and lost time incidents.

4. Absence Management

Monitor and reduce annual sick days per employee.

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How do we do it?

HR Clarity  has no biases which is essential for strategy formulation.  Managers and team leaders are prone to have biases, less experienced managers more so. HR Clarity identifies those less experienced managers/leaders so that the organisation can better support them to improve talent, performance, absence and total reward management.

It uses information that's typically available in any business with 30 employees or more. As well as having the ability to process data with those organisations that have thousands of employees.  We can read SQL, CSV files, clean and transform them into powerful predictive models. It typically takes a focussed 5-8 hours of work from someone in HR/IT to send us existing reports. We will do the rest.

The Future of HR & Data Analytics

In this free e-book find out how an employee data platform could transform people management to be more data-driven and evidence-based in your organisation.

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